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People Got Stuck Upside Down At Canada's Wonderland & The Videos Will Make You Feel Sick

People are sharing videos on TikTok and it does NOT look amusing.

After a long closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada's Wonderland is officially back in operation. While Ontarians have been jumping at the chance to hop back on the rides, an incident left some visitors "a little sore."

On July 18, the Lumberjack ride at Canada's Wonderland got stuck upside down with people onboard. Some videos then surfaced on TikTok showing what went down.

"When the ride gets stuck at the very top at Wonderland. Just a little sore," one TikTok user wrote. The video shows someone's underarms all scratched up.

Another person shared a video of the ride while it was stuck.


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In an email sent to Narcity, a spokesperson from Canada's Wonderland confirmed that "Lumberjack became inverted for a few minutes with guests onboard."

"After the ride was brought down and guests unloaded, our park maintenance team performed an inspection, and the ride was operating normally by 1:40pm. No injuries were reported," they continued.

While you may expect to go upside down once or twice when you visit a theme park, this might not be what the guests had in mind.

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