A Ride Got Stuck At Canada's Wonderland Over The Weekend & Here's What Went Down (VIDEO)

Riders were only stuck for a few minutes.

Skyhawk at Canada's Wonderland stuck over the weekend.
Toronto Associate Editor

Skyhawk at Canada's Wonderland stuck over the weekend.

Canada's Wonderland has been back up and running for a few weeks, and some riders were stuck on a ride for a little longer than what they signed up for.

A TikToker shared a video on Sunday, May 15, of people suspended in mid-air on Skyhawk, which is Wonderland's airplane ride that challenges people to spin around 135 feet up from the ground.

"These people are stuck," the TikToker said while walking by the ride.


Stuck 🫢 #canadaswonderland

Grace Peacock, the director of communications at Canada's Wonderland, confirmed with Narcity that the incident happened at around 2:15 p.m. on Sunday and that the riders weren't stuck for long.

"They were returned to the ground safely within five minutes and after an inspection by the park maintenance team, the ride was re-opened and operating normally," Peacock said via email.

"Safety is our primary concern, and our rides are inspected and tested daily."

So, why did Skyhawk stop in the first place?

One of the reasons why rides can unexpectedly stop, like how Skyhawk did, is to keep riders safe, according to a Wonderland article about ride safety. According to the park, most of their rides are built with a computerized control system that keeps track of how the ride is doing, like monitoring the passenger restraints, the speed conditions, and the positions of the breaks.

"If an unexpected condition occurs, the ride will stop itself in a safe way," the blog post reads.

"This is not a malfunction, but rather a safety feature of every ride."

Ride operators can even stop the ride if they see someone taking out their phone, which goes against their no-loose-articles policy

Therefore, if it's ever needed and something goes wrong, Wonderland said there are safety evacuation procedures for each and every single ride in the park.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor