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Canada's Wonderland Just Reopened & There Were Already Delays & Long Lines

On Monday, Canada's Wonderland celebrated its first day back in action since 2019, opening its doors to season pass-holders for a two-day preview before the general public is allowed in on July 7.

While it was undoubtedly an exciting opening day for visitors, it didn't go quite as expected for some, with long wait times and unexpected delays on the rides.

"Walking into the park, it was great to be there in the Wonderland environment," said Davit Martirosyan to Narcity via Instagram DMs after his trip to Wonderland on Monday.

"One thing that surprised me was the amount of rides going 'down' throughout the day. People were waiting in long lines just to get to the front and get hit with, 'We're experiencing technical difficulties.' This happened to my friend and I a few times throughout the day which was pretty annoying and it seemed to be a reoccurring thing through the day," he said.

Griva Patel, who visited Wonderland with her cousins Gracy and Tanvi, described similar delays. "The overall experience was not what [I] hoped for," wrote Patel to Narcity. "Customers were irritated because rides were always randomly shutting down."

Some took to Reddit to share their complaints as well. One Reddit user wrote "So many rides [were] down... for hours..lmao." Another post said that "the app wait times and ride statuses have been either super inaccurate or just downright wrong."

Narcity reached out to Canada's Wonderland about Monday's delays. "On July 5 at approximately 6:30 p.m., one train on the Behemoth roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland was stopped by crew for a guest who had removed their face covering. The ride was restarted minutes later," said a representative of the amusement park in a statement.

"That same day at approximately 7:10 p.m., operation of the Yukon Striker roller coaster was temporarily delayed due to inclement weather. Once the weather system passed, ride operation resumed. The safety of our guests is our number one priority and both rides are open and operating normally."

For Martirosyan, the setbacks won't deter him from hitting the rides again this season. "It was pretty awesome to be back and [I'll] definitely be visiting again this year!"

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