Kyla Ford Changes The Name Of Her Cookie Shop After 'Heartbreaking' Reaction Online

"I've never made or would make that connection."

Kyla Ford Changes The Name Of Her Cookie Shop After 'Heartbreaking' Reaction Online

Doug Ford's daughter Kyla Ford has changed the name of her cookie business, telling Narcity that she's heartbroken over the backlash that the name has received.

Kyla has been operating KyKy's Cookies & Ice Cream, formerly KyKy's Kookies, as an online store since 2018. She's now gearing up to open her first storefront in Etobicoke this summer.

The name KyKy's Kookies was inspired by a childhood nickname, she told Narcity in an email. "My friends and family have always referred to me as KyKy!"

However, with news of her first location opening next month, many people on social media have made the observation that it forms the initials KKK.

"Her business initials need a revamp, unfortunately. The name is cute but many people will see the KKK in capitals as a statement," one Facebook user wrote.

"The acronym for her business is KKK - pretty apropos if you ask me, but probably something that should have been caught and addressed," another Facebook user added.

Kyla has since made adjustments to her store's website and social media to reflect the name change, which had appeared as KyKy's Kookies earlier today.

"The name is a play on my nickname 'KyKy'. That's it. I've never made or would make that connection and it's heartbreaking to me that some people online are doing that," Kyla said to Narcity.

"The name has been changed to KyKy's Cookies and Ice Cream. I hope that you and others can see the business that I built by myself through a lot of hard work for what it is, which is making great cookies and other delicious treats for my amazing customers," she added.

The store is set to open in July and will sell her signature jumbo stuffed cookies, as well as soft serve, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, cookie cake slices, kookie pies and ice cream from Kawartha Dairy.

KyKy's Cookies & Ice Cream

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Desserts

Address: 1-195 Norseman St., Etobicoke, ON