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Ford's Daughters Look So Alike They Can Unlock Each Other's Phones With Face ID

You can definitely see the family resemblance!

If you didn't already know, Doug Ford's daughters look alike.

Kayla, Kyla, Kara, and Krista all have Ford's blonde hair and we'd be lying if we said we could always tell them apart.

They look so similar, in fact, that Kyla can apparently unlock Kayla's phone through Face ID.

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Kayla confirmed this in a video posted to a story highlight on her Instagram profile, called "family."

"I am with my little sister, who I never get to see, and she keeps grabbing my phone and unlocking it because the Apple ID recognizes her face!" Kayla explained in the video.

It seems like the Ford family, and the sisters in particular, genuinely enjoy spending time together.

However, the Fords won't be celebrating Thanksgiving together this year.

On Wednesday, the premier said that he'll be spending the holiday with just his household, which excludes his daughters.

"It's tough not to sit down with, in my case all my girls, but our family is no different than anyone else," he said.