A lesser-known fact about Toronto's top doctor, Eileen de Villa, includes her past love of dressing as a goth during her teenage years.

Toronto Life uncovered some of Dr. de Villa's past interests and found that she was "a perky goth", according to her older brother Joey.

She also enjoyed bands such as Joy Division and Dead or Alive.

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You know how there’s mopey goth and perky goth? She was a perky goth.

Joey de Villa

Dr. de Villa's goth image was accompanied by a happy-go-lucky attitude, and her brother says that she wasn't a "mopey goth" despite her love of wearing all-black. 

She used to go out dancing with her friends at a nightclub called Nuts and Bolts, which is now actually the same building that the Toronto Public Health offices are located. 

Her brother also shared that Dr. de Villa used to love taking her dad's car out to go eat at a place called Bloor Street Diner, which is where Eataly Toronto is situated today.

The de Villas originally moved to Toronto from the Philippines in 1975, first situating in an apartment in High Park before moving into a house in Etobicoke. 

As a young adult, Dr. de Villa went to McGill University and got her BSc in psychology and minored in women's studies.