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Halton's Police Chief Is Not Losing His Job Despite Leaving The Country In December

The Police Board said they had 'full and unequivocal confidence' in him.
Halton's Police Chief Is Not Losing His Job Despite Visiting The States In December

Despite travelling to the U.S. when Ontario's government was telling people to stay home, Halton Police Chief Stephen Tanner will remain in his position.

The Halton Police Board (HPB) said today in a press release they had accepted Chief Tanner's apology and had full confidence in him continuing in his role.

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I will continue to lead our police service in the exemplary manner the Board has come to expect. Stephen Tanner, Halton Chief of Police

Multiple politicians and government officials across Canada have lost their jobs or positions because they travelled during the pandemic against official advice.

Chief Tanner had travelled to Florida in December to "address extensive damage" on a property of his there, in order to sell the house and resolve the "mounting financial losses and concern for him and his common-law partner," according to meeting minutes released by the HPB.

Oakville's Mayor Rob Burton — the Chair of the HPB at the time — granted Chief Tanner permission to travel, but the board's other members did not know about the trip.

Burton is no longer the Chair of the HPB, having stepped down from his position because he approved Tanner's travel plan.

In their statement, the HPB said they had "full and unequivocal confidence" in Chief Tanner to remain in his position.

"Regardless of the personal property related reasons for which I travelled recently, or the permission that I sought and obtained for that travel, I am remorseful for that decision," said Chief Tanner in his own statement released today.

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