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18 Politicians Who Travelled Outside Of Canada During The Pandemic Despite Restrictions

Even a plea from Justin Trudeau urging Canadians to stay home for the holidays could not stop some Candian politicians from travelling abroad

Many members of government, whether federal or provincial, have been under scrutiny in recent days for taking international trips throughout the pandemic.

This includes leaders from Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

From Massachusetts to Barbados and even Delaware to Portugal, here are 18 Canadian politicians who took a trip outside of Canada during COVID-19 despite strict restrictions.

Liberal MP Kamal Khera (Ontario)

Where they travelled to: Khera took a trip to Seattle to attend a memorial. Although she deemed her travels essential she took to Twitter to announce that she was stepping down from her post.

Conservative MP David Sweet (Ontario)

Where they travelled to: Sweet travelled to the U.S with his wife and put out a statement saying he will be back in Hamilton soon. He has also resigned from his role as a result.

Liberal MP Sameer Zuberi (Quebec)

Where they travelled to: Zuberi travelled to Delaware on December 18 to visit his wife's ill grandfather. He later resigned from his role at parliament, he said in a statement. He also called his decision to travel an "error in judgement."

Liberal MP Alexandra Mendès (Quebec)

Where they travelled to: Mendès travelled to Portugal in July 2020 to deal with her late mother-in-law's estate, she said in a statement posted to Twitter.

Liberal MP Lyne Bessette (Quebec)

Where they travelled to: According to CBC News, Bessette travelled to Mexico and made a quick stop in Massachusetts too.

Liberal MP Patricia Lattanzio (Quebec)

Where they travelled to: Lattanzio says she travelled to Ireland in September to help her daughter move to school and says it was "essential and necessary."

Conservative MP Ron Liepert (Calgary)

Where they travelled to: Liepert reportedly flew to California twice during the pandemic in order to look after his property, according to CTV News.

NDP MP Niki Ashton (Manitoba)

Where they travelled to: Ashton travelled to Greece to visit a sick family member and did not inform her party about the trip, according to CBC News.

Senate Opposition Leader Don Plett (Manitoba)

Where they travelled to: According to CBC News, Plett flew to Mexico on December 28th, however, he said he rethought this decision and returned on December 31st per a statement obtained by CBC News.

Liberal MNA Pierre Arcand (Quebec)

Where they travelled to: According to CBC News, Arcand took a trip to Barbados and said they now regret the decision.

Finance Minister & Conservative MPP Rod Phillips (Ontario)

Where they travelled to: Phillips came under fire after taking a Caribbean vacation trip to St. Barts. He also said that he "deeply" regrets travelling over the holidays.

Grande Prairie MLA Tracy Allard (Alberta)

Where they travelled to: Allard went to Hawaii during the holidays. She also resigned as Alberta's minister of municipal affairs, per reports.

Calgary-Klein MLA Jeremy Nixon (Alberta)

Where they travelled to: Nixon also reportedly travelled to Hawaii and was later fired as parliamentary secretary for civil society.

Red Deer-South MLA Jason Stephan (Alberta)

Where they travelled to: Stephan was reportedly taken off the Treasury Board committee after flying to Arizona on December 31st.

Calgary-Peigan MLA Tanya Fir (Alberta)

Where they travelled to: Fir reportedly travelled to Las Vegas, according to the report.

Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo MLA Tany Yao (Alberta)

Where they travelled to: Yao reportedly travelled to Mexico.

Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn (Alberta)

Where they travelled to: Rehn reportedly also went to Mexico.

 MLA Joe Hargrave (Saskatchewan)

Where they travelled to: Hargrave stepped down from his position from cabinet after reportedly taking a trip to California.

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