An unknown man is terrorizing Heather Heights Woods park. According to Toronto police, there have been multiple incidents where a man has tried to attack bystanders with a hammer.

In a report, police warn that these attacks seem random and unprovoked and have happened on multiple occasions.  

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These attacks have occurred each time at random, are unprovoked against members of the public with no warning.

Toronto Police Services

On Saturday, a woman was chased by the suspect wielding a hammer near the area of Orton Park Road and Ellesmere Road.

It is suspected that the same man is linked to all of the incidents and police are asking for help identifying him.

The suspect is described by police as a black male in his 20s, standing at 5’8. He was last seen fleeing eastbound toward Orton Park Road wearing a grey hoodie and blacks shorts.  

Police are warning members of the public to not approach the man and call 911 if they see him.