Your First Look Inside This Year's Bay Holiday Windows In Toronto (PHOTOS)

Get a behind-the-scenes look at their winter wonderland before anyone else❄️
Your First Look Inside This Year's Bay Holiday Windows In Toronto (PHOTOS)

Every year in Toronto, two major events signal that the holidays are just around the corner.

The Santa Claus parade — which is moving online this year — and The Bay’s unveiling of their holiday windows.

Thankfully, the window displays are still coming and Narcity got an exclusive first look at what's coming to town!

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The post office room at the end is always fascinating, with so many elements going on you'll find yourself staring at it endlessly.

Being able to squeeze into tight spaces seems like a requirement when putting together the displays or going from one room to the next.

Familiar figures make a return this year. They've been missed!

The five display windows are broken into different themes; the gift-wrapping room is just as cute as last year!

Some of the props need repairs before they are ready to be displayed.

Lots of work goes on behind-the-scenes to make these displays possible.

Hudson's Bay launched their 2020 holiday campaign "A Call to Joy" today, and there is definitely a lot of joy to be found.

The unveiling of the iconic displays is set for November 5. We can't wait!

Lance McMillan