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A Group Of Anti-Maskers Are Hosting Their Own Santa Claus Parade In Toronto

The parade will be hosted on December 5, 2020.
Toronto Santa Claus Parade Is Being Hosted By Anti-Masker Protestors

As Ontario hits the second wave of COVID-19, Toronto's Santa Claus Parade has been moved online for the season.  

However, that hasn't stopped a group of activists from insisting on launching an event of their own.  

Some residents are now taking it upon themselves to ensure celebrations go on despite Toronto's social distancing by-laws.

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We are literally giving Christmas back to the people.

Chris Sky

Chris Sky, a known anti-lockdown leader, claims he and his organization MAD (Mother's Against Distancing) are taking back Christmas by hosting their own Santa Claus parade.

The event, which will take place on December 5, 2020, will kick off at Nathan Phillips Square around noon.

Sky told Narcity that at least two other anti-mask groups, The Line and Hugs Over Masks, are helping put together the parade.

"MAD with 'The Line' and Hugs Over Masks are giving the people the freedom of choice to attend a Christmas parade as it symbolizes a lot more than Santa Claus. We know this will be a huge success and greatly appreciated by the vast majority."

Participants are being encouraged to dress in costume and bring their own floats.

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