Toronto's Surprise Blizzard Last Night Was So Beautiful (PHOTOS)

Some people (and dogs) were a bit caught off guard. 😂❄️
Toronto's Surprise Blizzard Last Night Was So Beautiful (PHOTOS)

The city turned into a winter wonderland last night when it got hit with heavy flurries.

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for Toronto on Sunday night just before 9 p.m., calling for "strong, gusty winds and locally heavy flurries."

They weren't wrong.

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The snow, along with the city's lights, created some beautiful combinations.

A few people were well prepared for the transformative weather, while others not so much.

The heavy flurries and strong winds combined for reduced visibility.

A number of dogs were out and about enjoying the snow, while others seemed quite wary of it.

Simple objects were made beautiful by the fresh layer of snow.

Although it is not unusual for it to snow so early in November, it did come as a shock to some.

Midtown Toronto looked as if it were in the beginning of January, not November.

Although fall doesn't officially end until December 21, it felt as if it was long gone.

Lance McMillan