The mayor isn't messing around. John Tory's Raptors jacket actually doubled as his pyjamas ahead of game four because he's trying to help the team win.

Toronto's mayor took his love for the Raptors to a whole new level.

"As promised, slept in the Raptors jacket to provide maximum support to our team ahead of Game 4 tonight," Tory said on Twitter.

After the Raptors lost game two against the Boston Celtics* and went 2-0 down, Tory said it was time to get out his famous gold and black jacket.

The team went on to win game three in dramatic fashion with OG Anunoby's buzzer-beater.

There might not be any direct correlation between the mayor wearing the jacket and the Raptors winning but it can't hurt to try!

*This article has been updated.

Via John Tory