Kawhi Convinced Ibaka To Leave The Raptors For LA & All It Took Was A Single Text

It was the most low-key pitch ever.
Kawhi Leonard Convinced Ibaka To Come To L.A. With A Single Text

While LA Clippers' Kawhi Leonard is a man of few words, he sure knows how to make them count.

A single text was all it took for him to convince long-time Raptor Serge Ibaka to pack his bags and move to L.A. 

Ibaka, who signed with the Clippers last month, recounted the hilarious story of how the Board Man convinced him to leave Toronto.

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According to Ibaka, on free agency day, he received a simple text from Kawhi that just said, "Bro, are you coming or not?"

The lazy recruiting pitch is typical of Kawhi's famously low-key personality. However, it seemed to work. 

"Part of my decision was because I know Kawhi here," Ibaka also revealed. 

Fans will now have to get used to the sight of seeing two previous Raptors championship winners on the LA court. 

Ibaka signed a two-year deal worth $19 million with the LA Clippers on November 22, 2020.

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