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Kawhi's Special Treatment Apparently Annoyed His LA Teammates Just Like In Toronto

Kawhi reportedly made his own practice schedule.
Kawhi Leonard Apparently Got Special Treatment On The Clippers

While it's no secret that acquiring Kawhi Leonard was an exciting moment for the Clippers, it apparently hasn't been all smooth sailing. 

According to The Athletic, the special treatment that Kawhi received last season has rubbed many of his teammates the wrong way.

The 29-year-old was reportedly regularly late to practice and had unprecedented control over when he played.

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I thought from the beginning, ‘We’re doomed. Kawhi wants too much special treatment.' Team Source

According to the sports outlet, sources also stated that the NBA star often warmed up in his own separate space away from the team. 

In fact, multiple payers were said to have felt uneasy about the arrangement. 

“What were they going to do about it?” one league source told the Athletic. “It’s Kawhi.”

However, the special privileges supposedly aren't the first to be awarded to the player, who was preferential with the Toronto Raptors as well.

TSN's Josh Lewenberg also pointed out that some of the Raptors weren't happy with management making Kawhi a priority.

However, the team was apparently able to keep eachother focused on one main goal, winning the championships. 

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