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Kawhi Got So Fed Up With Ujiri's Noisy Morning Routine Waking Him Up In Orlando

Kawhi said he'd get him kicked out for it!

Just because Kawhi Leonard's time with the Raptors is over, doesn't mean the relationship with the team's president has ended. 

Kawhi and Masai Ujiri were neighbours during their time in the NBA bubble, a situation that reportedly led to a few hilarious spats between the two.

In fact, Masai's early morning workouts became the bane to Kawhi's beauty sleep.

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Haha, you know the saying 'Don't poke the bear?' I'm gonna call the NBA on you...get you out of the bubble. Kawhi Leonard

According to Yahoo Sports, the 29-year-old NBA star would be awoken every day at five in the morning as Masai worked out right above him. 

It seems that Kawhi tried to be a good sport at first, but several weeks later he sent a text to Ujiri saying "Morning boss, you good up there?"

The president reportedly stated that he put his morning workouts on hold and joked that he would only start up again when it was time to face the Clippers. 

Of course, Kawhi was quick to joke back, stating that he would get the president kicked out of the bubble if the situation arose. 

Kawhi famously left Toronto for the Clippers back in 2019, after helping the team win their first NBA championship.