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Kitchener Complex Fire Completely Burns Down The Neighbourhood (VIDEOS)

A neighbourhood in Kitchener went up in flames on Monday. Footage of the massive blaze shows the entire block getting completely engulfed in flames. The townhouse development that burned down in the Kitchener complex fire was under construction and nobody lived there. 

At 9:08 p.m. Monday, police tweeted that they were on scene of the fire on Morrison Road in Kitchener in the Chicopee area.

Neighbours in the area had to be evacuated, according to Waterloo Police. 

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"Local residents have been asked to evacuate the area as a safety precaution," officers tweeted.

Waterloo Police confirmed that they were on scene since 7:45 p.m., they wrote in an email to Narcity. 

In footage posted online, the flames can be seen getting completely out of control and can be seen climbing over the wooden fences. 

The fire got so large that and looked almost as big as some of the houses surrounding it. The smoke was also thick and relentless.

Although it hasn't yet been confirmed how bad the damage is, police confirmed to Narcity that "numerous units in various states of construction were destroyed."

from kitchener

"No one is living in these homes and there are no reports of injuries," police tweeted

Police also confirmed in an email that multiple other residences on the street sustained damage from the heat, but the cause of the fire is unknown at this time. 

"The Kitchener Fire Department and Ontario Fire Marshall continue to investigate," police wrote.

Residents and bystanders in the area took to social media to post their view of the flames. 

The entire skyline was glowing with hues of orange and red along with thick, dark smoke that rose above the houses. 

Kitchener Today reports that the damage is in excess of $1 million dollars at this point and that the Ontario fire marshall has been notified. 

There is currently no report on the future plans for the now destroyed development. 

This isn't the only fire that's broken out and destroyed a townhouse complex.

Eleven units were destroyed in a similar-looking blaze in Hamilton this summer. 

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