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Kyle Lowry Just Got Called 'Kevin' By Miami's Mayor

It hasn't even been a full month since Kyle Lowry left Toronto for Miami, but it's already becoming clear that John Tory's love for the player will be hard to beat.

On August 2, Lowry announced that he would be leaving the Toronto Raptors for the Miami Heat, a move that devastated locals in the 6ix.

However, it seems that Miami might not be as excited about the acquisition of the player, as the mayor couldn't even remember his name.

In an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday, Mayor Francis Suarez awkwardly referred to the NBA star as "Kevin Lowry" when he was asked about the Heat's chances of beating the Lakers this year. "You know, we just got Kevin Lowry," he said.

Narcity has reached out to the mayor's office for a response but has yet to hear back.

The slip-up comes in the same month that Toronto Mayor John Tory wished the ex-Raptors player a heartfelt goodbye.

"Our city has gone through a lot over the past year, but this one really hurts," Tory stated. "Kyle, we will compete hard against you to win. But we will always love you and Toronto will always welcome you. Thank you Kyle Lowry."

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