It looks like good basketball skills run in the family. As the Raptors head into Game 7, Kyle Lowry's wife, Ayahna Cornish-Lowry, knows the pressure her husband is facing. In fact, she also used to be a star basketball player herself. 

She may not look like a baller while she cheers on her husband on from courtside, but Ayahna Cornish-Lowry has got skills.

Not only is the Raptors point guard’s wife an accomplished basketball player, but she was also named the best offensive player for two seasons in a row at St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania.

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Ayahna dominated during her time as a University baller scoring 1600 points at St. Joseph’s.

Not only was she a formidable force, but she was also the team’s captain. The role she held until her career was cut short by an ACL injury during junior season.

Cornish-Lowry may have hung up her sneakers a long time ago to focus on family, but the couples two young sons, Karter and Kameron, have won the genetic lottery if they choose to follow in their parent’s footsteps.

Last year, Ayahna opened up about her personal life and basketball career during an interview with The Kit.

The 33-year-old offered an exciting insight into how she likes to watch her husband’s games and what she wants to avoid.

“Courtside, right next to the bench. I like to be close to the action. I watch from a coaching perspective, not from an emotional perspective."

"It’s very stressful, especially when Kyle and I make eye contact. I don’t focus on just Kyle. I try to watch the whole game and the whole team and see what’s going on. I love watching it from a basketball eye,” she said at the time.

The mother of two also revealed that Kyle often comes to her for advice on his own game, which is as wholesome as it gets.

“For sure, he’ll come up to me during time-outs, that’s how close I am. If I see something, I try to mouth it too him. Maybe he’ll get it,” she added.

Lowry renewed his Raptors legacy on Wednesday, leading the team into Game 7 with an impressive performance that had the whole NBA talking.