It looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs cannot get rid of that Game 7 curse. Despite the unwavering loyalty of their devoted fans, Toronto's NHL team hasn't moved past the first round of the playoffs since 2004 — after last night, though, it's clear that even Leafs fans have their limits.

Many fans took to social media to cope with the pain of the Game 7 loss, sharing their emotional reactions and roasting the team with painfully accurate jokes.

One fan didn't waste time with jokes and went straight for the jersey burn.

One person pointed out the irony that the Leafs' name brought.

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This Redditor joked about the real reason why Doug Ford allowed 500 frontline healthcare workers into the arena.

One fan tweeted that the Leafs and the Stanley Cup are a lot more than six feet apart.

And another got creative with a new championship banner for the Leafs. Golf Leafs Golf!

Even though Leafs fans are no strangers to heartbreak, they're always ready to ride the emotional rollercoaster all over again by the start of the next season.