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Lowry Says The Footage Of Ujiri's Assault Shows Exactly Why Players Are Kneeling

"It sheds light on a bad police officer, one of many."
Masai Ujiri Bodycam Footage Puts A Spotlight On 'Bad' Police Officers, Says Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry has spoken out about the recent Masai Ujiri bodycam footage of the Toronto Raptors' president's 2019 altercation with a sheriff's deputy in California.

During an interview after Friday's win over the Brooklyn Nets, the Toronto Raptors point guard called the moment "extremely emotional to watch."

Lowry, like Ujiri himself on Thursday, wasn't shy in making a connection between the footage and the ongoing Black Lives Matter campaign.

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That's why we have the shirts on. That's why we're kneeling.

Kyle Lowry

"That's one of the reasons that we're here," said Lowry on Friday. "That's why we're using our voices and our platform to shed light on social injustices."

He continued: "Masai did nothing wrong. [...] We're happy that that video came out. [...] It just sheds light on a bad person, a bad police officer, one of many."

Lowry concluded by noting that while there are good police officers, Deputy Allan Strickland is "obviously" not one of them.

Despite the video footage released this week which shows Ujiri being shoved by Strickland as he tries to get to the Raptors to celebrate their first NBA championship, the Alameda County Sheriff's Department is still claiming Ujiri was the aggressor.


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