7 Things You Probably Have In Common With Meghan Markle If You Live In Toronto

She lived just like a local.
7 Things You Probably Have In Common With Meghan Markle If You Live In Toronto
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You and the Duchess of Sussex could have a few things in common, apart from being married to a prince, of course. Meghan Markle's Toronto life was actually pretty relatable, and she lived just like a local during her time in the city.

The former actress called Toronto home for several years while filming the television series Suits. During this time, she visited tons of spots around the city, from flower shops to restaurants. If you love doing any of these things, you and the Duchess may not have such different lives after all.

You love a good Italian restaurant

Toronto has no shortage of incredible Italian restaurants, and Markle was a big fan of one in particular. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she gushed about some spicy chilies she bought from Terroni, a popular venue for pasta and pizza.

You've explored Kensington Market

According to Style Democracy, Markle enjoyed exploring the iconic market during her time in the city. One of her favourite shops was Blackbird Baking Co., and any Toronto carb lover can probably relate to this.

You've been to the city's stunning tapas bar

Bar Raval is known for its gorgeous design, delicious small plates, and Barcelona vibes. Markle was pictured here in a 2014 Instagram post.

Trinity Bellwoods Park is your go-to spot for fresh air

Every Torontonian has probably spent some time in this park, and Markle is no different. According to Hello Magazine, she enjoyed a variety of activities available at the park, such as yoga and frisbee games.

You've shopped at the Drake General Store

According to the Evening Standard, Markle was seen shopping at the Drake General Store, a staple spot for gifts and other unique items.

You've watched a game or two at the Rogers Centre

You can't call yourself a true Torontonian until you've seen the Blue Jays play. According to Hello Magazine, Markle was spotted at several games during her time in the city.

You've bought flowers at Jong Young Flower Market

The Netlflix documentary Harry & MeganHarry & Meganshows the Duchess walking back from Jong Young Flower Market with a bouquet in hand. The shop, which has in the city for over 65 years, is located in the Yorkville area.


This article has been updated since it was originally published on March 7, 2021.

Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
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