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8 People From The GTA Got Charged For Going To A Muskoka Cottage Together

Police received a complaint about the gathering on Saturday night.

8 People From The GTA Got Charged For Going To A Muskoka Cottage Together

A Gravenhurst cottage was the scene of an illegal gathering on Saturday, May 1, leading to fines for the people involved.

Bracebridge OPP officers responded to a complaint about the gathering at approximately 10:30 p.m. and "found eight individuals from the Greater Toronto area at [a] seasonal residence," each of whom was charged under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA).

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Indoor gatherings with members of other households are currently prohibited under Ontario's stay-at-home order and the fine for a violation is $750.00, according to the OPP.

The province states that short-term rentals like cottages and cabins can only be reserved by those in need of housing and residents of Ontario are not allowed to visit secondary properties unless they have an essential reason to do so.

Last month, a group of five individuals in Timmins learned that indoor gathering restrictions also apply to riding in a car together and were charged for violating the rules.

A group of people from Ontario faced penalties in February when they were caught gathering together at a cottage in Quebec.

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