A group of five adults are facing hefty fines after being caught carpooling together during Ontario's stay-at-home order.

Timmins Police reported that the incident occurred during a R.I.D.E check on April 17, where officers were quick to discover that the occupants didn't live together. 

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"While conducting R.I.D.E spot checks on Hwy 101 near the intersection of Hwy 655, Timmins Police officers had occasion to stop a passenger vehicle with 5 unrelated adult occupants, each from separate addresses in the Brantford area," Timmins Police stated.

Each person was charged for not following COVID-19 protocols and could face a fine of $880.

Currently, residents of Ontario are only allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons and can't gather with anyone outside of their household.

Police are cracking down on gatherings 

Timmins Police have stated that they are now taking a "firmer approach" when confronting those who are not following COVID-19 rules. 

"The educational stance and liberal use of discretion originally adopted by the Timmins Police has come and gone, especially in light of recent distressing numbers related to Covid positivity," read a statement. 

Doug Ford has also stated that enforcement across the province will be cracking down on those who are caught gathering with people outside of their household. 

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