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Police In This Ontario City Are Cracking Down On 'Sitting Or Sunbathing' In Parks

Tanning in the park is not allowed under Ontario's stay-at-home order.
Police In This Ontario City Are Cracking Down On 'Sitting Or Sunbathing' In Parks

Police in Kingston want you to know that "sedentary activities" in the park are not allowed under Ontario's stay-at-home order rules.

Kingston Police stated in a recent news release that they do not consider hanging out and tanning in the grass essential exercise. 

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Police are asking visitors to treat parks "as a walk-through or a thoroughfare rather than a destination," and will not allow activities like "sitting or sunbathing" in parks. 

This decision is in response to "hundreds of people" that have been gathering in small groups at the city's Breakwater Park, which is now closed to the public. 

Police are also reminding locals that violating the emergency orders could lead to fines of $880 to $2,060.

What's considered essential exercise in Ontario right now?

The provincial government has outlined various types of activities that are deemed essential under Ontario's stay-at-home order. 

In a document, the province states that outdoor exercise falls under the "health purposes" category of essential trips you can take outside your home.

The activities in this category include "walking or moving around outdoors using an assisted mobility device, or using an outdoor recreational amenity that is permitted to be open."

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