Our province's official Science Advisory Table has new suggestions for what Ontario's COVID-19 restrictions should look like.

In a release published on Tuesday, Ontario's top health and science advisors outlined six key measures needed to battle back against the third wave, and they include allowing Ontarians to hang out with friends outside.

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"Maintaining social connections and outdoor activity are important to our overall physical and mental health," the table's scientists said, adding that only small groups of people wearing masks and staying two metres apart should be able to gather.

Their suggested measures also include paid sick leave and paid vaccination time, limiting interregional travel, closing all non-essential workplaces and accelerating the delivery of vaccines to people in hot spots.

"Our case counts are at an all-time high. Our hospitals are buckling. Younger people are getting sicker. The disease is ripping through whole families," the scientists said. "If we want to bring cases under control, protect our health system and reopen as quickly as possible, this is the way forward."