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Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Needs To Be Extended To 6 Weeks, Says Top Doctor

If it's not extended, the province could see 15,000 cases daily.

On Friday, Ontario's updated COVID-19 modelling data was presented, painting a severe picture within the province.

According to data provided by Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of Ontario's COVID-19 science advisory table, in order to avoid cases surging above at least 15,000 daily, Ontario's stay-at-home order needs to be extended to six weeks rather than the current four.

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If restrictions remain the same, with an extended six-week stay-at-home order, the province could expect to see just over 10,000 cases daily.

If stricter measures are enforced during this time, which Premier Doug Ford is apparently considering, Ontario's cases could remain under 5,000 a day through to June.

Ford is scheduled to make an announcement Friday afternoon and stricter measures are on the table, he says.