With the NBA season starting up again soon amid an ongoing global pandemic, Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse understands his players are desperately missing their families.

Due to COVID-19, the Raps can't have their nearest and dearest join them on the road unless they reach the second round of playoffs in mid-October.

Somebody says "Oh man, my kid's FaceTiming me," and you say "Go out in the hall and take it, we'll wait for you."

Nick Nurse

Many of the players have young children, including coach Nurse himself. He says that right now, he doesn't care one jot if his players have to duck out to take a family call.

Adorably, Nurse's own son, Leo, told him he'd wait for him by the door while he was gone. The coach added that in the midst of a pandemic, family calls are "another one of those things you'd be more lenient on."

The Raptors are already shooting hoops in Florida while wearing face masks, despite admitting they're worried and sceptical about the state's case spikes.

Via TSN.