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This Ontario Cottage For Sale Lets You Live On Your Own Private Island For Under $300K

This place let you live on your own slice of paradise.

If you want to escape to your own little paradise, you might want to start packing your bags. An Ontario cottage for sale is offering homebuyers a chance to isolated by the water. The best part is, you can score this spot for under $300,000. 

880-6 Lake Temagami Island, located in Temagami, Ontario, is a two-bedroom and one-bathroom home that sit on its own little isle.

The adorable little cottage is only accessible via a 15-minute boat ride and sits on the west shoreline of the lake’s South Arm entrance.

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The exclusive spot offers panoramic views of Lake Temagami, making it an ideal investment for anyone who longs to spend summer surrounded by water.

It’s hard not to imagine long days of diving into the lake and tanning on the rocks when looking at photos of this picturesque home.

The home’s only catch is that it is currently without hydro or septic, so you’ll have to be comfortable with roughing it.

However, you can always upgrade the cottage to include those features if you aren't a country person. 

Pauline Lockheart | Century 21

Amongst the most exciting amenities are its wood stove and view. 

The former will keep you warm if you decide to visit during the fall, and the latter will let you enjoy the water all summer long.

Pauline Lockheart | Century 21

Perhaps, the most beautiful thing about the island is that blueberry bushes surround it.

So, not only will you own one of the most well-placed cottages in Ontario, you’ll also have the pleasure of picking blueberries all day long.

Pauline Lockheart | Century 21

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Ontario Private Island

Price: $298,900

Address: 880-6 Lake Temagami Island, Temagami, ON

Description: Spend your summer on your very own private island. 

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