If you live in Canada, you've probably owned a pair of skates at one point in your life. However, if you're still thinking about living out those NHL dreams, this Ontario house for sale comes with a hidden hockey rink. So now you can spend all day practicing your skating skills. 

This beautiful home located at 1004 Foxborough Place in Thunder Bay is the place to be if you're a hockey fan. 

The house, which has five bedrooms and two bathrooms, comes with its own indoor hockey rink, so you can skate around all year long. 

While the rink doesn't look like it would be big enough to pretend you are actually in the NHL, it's the perfect size for those family tournaments. 

However, the rink isn't the only feature of this house that makes it worth packing your bag for. 

The estate also comes with a stunning open concept living room, 10-foot ceilings, and its own detached workshop and playhouse.

It has a beautiful modern dining area, and the kitchen will allow you to cook and dine in style, which you’ll need to do since playing hockey every day is going to require you to fuel up on the regular.

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The home is located in Mount Forest, a neighbourhood that boasts tranquil noise levels and plentiful parking spaces. So, if you like quiet and convenience, this is definitely your spot.

On top of that, it also features tons of outdoor green space, where you can host backyard parties and work on your suntan. 

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The best part about this home is the cheap price tag that comes with it. You can score this five-bedroom home for under $700,000. 

However, if you are somebody who loves hockey but also likes to live large, you might want to consider taking a look at this spot, which offers similar features but on a much grander scale.

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Hockey House

Price: $649,900

Address: 1004 Foxborough Place, Thunder Bay, ON

Description: This five-bedroom home is the perfect place for any hockey lover. 

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