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This $329K House For Sale Near Toronto Looks Completely Different Inside (PHOTOS)

You probably didn't see any of this coming. 🏡

From the outside, you might think this Ontario house for sale is nothing more than an abandoned storefront, but the interior is surprisingly gorgeous. 

Located roughly an hour and a half from Toronto in Welland, this newly renovated home is set up to operate as a duplex with two separate entrances.  

That means you could potentially live in the house and use it as a source of income as well. Bonus!

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Yifei Lin | RE/MAX

The building, which has an open concept layout, features a total of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two kitchens.

If you’re someone who loves a spontaneous adventure, Niagara Falls is only a 20-minute drive away.

The flooring, drywall, kitchen cabinets, and paint are all brand new and there’s even an unfinished basement for extra storage.

Based on the location and its new upgrades, you’d think this spot would cost a pretty penny, but it's very affordable.

Margery Road

Price: $329,000

Address: 60 Margery Rd., Welland, ON

Description: This simple looking house has an interior that will surprise you and a location you will adore.

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