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A Couple Made A Map That Shows You Which Ontario City You'd Be The Happiest In (VIDEO)

If you're ready to leave TO, these cities are the next best thing.

Do you ever wonder if perhaps Toronto isn’t doing you any good? With high housing prices, long commutes, and now a global pandemic, you aren’t alone. A Toronto couple has created an Ontario housing map to help you figure out if it’s time to bid adieu to the big city.

“We know we are not the only ones considering an eventual move out of Toronto, and I don’t want anyone else to have to [sift through this data],” creator Audra Williams wrote on her site.

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“My dream for this site is that I can turn my data into a recommendation engine. I want you to be able to come here and be guided through a choose-your-own-adventure questionnaire that will tell you some towns and cities that might be a great fit for you,” she continued.

The site takes data such as housing prices, racial and religious diversity, incomes, weather, and more to help you decide which Ontario town might be best for your upcoming move.

The information is laid out in both spreadsheets and in an interactive mapping tool for those who don’t like to read long lists of data.

Not only is Williams collecting all this data, but she’s also sending out a weekly round-up of houses she’s found that catch her eye within these communities. 

In her backstory, provided on the website, Williams describes her lifelong goal of moving to Toronto, which was recently fulfilled with her partner.

However, they are being realistic about their capabilities to stay in Toronto long-term. 

"We don’t own where we live, and we can’t afford to own anything else in this city either," said Williams. This is the case for a majority of city-dwellers.

Now, with the pandemic, the push to leave the city has grown for the couple.

"So many of the shops and restaurants we love are closing forever, and nearly everyone we know is either being forced to relocate or considering it for personal reasons," she admitted.

"It’s left us asking ourselves if it’s worth it to keep working so hard and paying so much money to live here if everywhere we want to go is closed and we can’t see our friends anyway."

"I’m really excited about this project! I love that where ever we end up, it will be because we chose it. I’m really looking forward to telling you how we get there," Williams concluded.

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