Ontario Has Officially Raised The Gathering Limit To 10 People (VIDEO)

The new move will start this Friday.
Ontario Social Gatherings Limit Has Officially Raised To 10 People
Ontario Editor

It's finally time to see some of your friends and family. The government announced in a press conference on Monday that Ontario social gatherings will be increased from five to 10 people. The new move will officially be put in place this Friday at 12:01 a.m. 

Starting on June 12, Ontarians will now be able to gather in groups of 10 people across the province.

This move comes as the premier announces that they will be taking the next step in opening Ontario. 

"I know that staying apart from our friends and loved ones has been one of the hardest parts over the past few months," the premier stated in the press conference. 

"And hopefully today's announcement will bring some relief," he continued. 

Back in March, Doug Ford announced that any gatherings of more than five people had been banned across the province as they battled to flatten the curve.  

Now, Ontarians have a glimmer of hope as they are able to legally see loved ones who they have been distancing themselves from during the pandemic. 

This move comes after the province announced that stage two of reopening the province will start to take place in certain regions across Ontario this Friday.  

Hair salons and restaurants will also be some of the many amenities to reopen if the region has been moved to stage two. 

Others that are also set to open include swimming pools, shopping malls and private campgrounds. 

At the start of each week, the government will update which other regions can begin the start of stage two.

According to a government press release, social gatherings have been increased to 10 people across the province, no matter which stage your region is currently in. 

However, despite the good news, the government warns that social distancing rules are still in place.

Everyone should continue to keep their distance, wash their hands frequently and wear face coverings while out in public. 

If cases start to rise, the Ontario government has announced that they can retighten restrictions. 

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Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor