An Ontario Man Made A Makeshift Zamboni Out Of A Cooler & It's So Canadian (VIDEO)

That's one creative way to clear the ice!
Ontario Zamboni Was Made Out Of A Cooler & It's So Canadian (VIDEO)

One man decided to get creative when it came to making an Ontario Zamboni this month. 

With only a cooler and a wet towel, the invention was a great makeshift way to resurface the man's hockey rink. 

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A clip, shared by the Weather Network, showcases the ingenious invention which appears to be made from just the two household objects. 

The whole thing appears to be held together with a bright orange ratchet strap. 

A man can be seen proudly dragging the invention around what looks to be a homemade rink.

The hilarious footage was captured by Janet Butler of Collingwood, Ontario on January 17. 

As it turns out, people in this province really know how to put their heads together in the winter.

Earlier this month, a senior dog in Ontario was taught to sled after being diagnosed with a condition that affects her balance.

Patrick John Gilson
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