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This Cheap Converted Church House For Sale In Ontario Is Actually So Cool Inside (VIDEO)

The stained glass windows are like rainbows on the walls!

It turns out church isn't just for Sundays. You can spend every day there by moving into this gorgeous converted home. With dazzling stained glass windows and a hidden garden paradise, you'll feel like royalty at this spot. Plus, this unique abode is much cheaper than you'd think. Put on your Sunday best and take a look at Ontario's cheap church home for sale.

Stunning rainbow windows and arching doors might sound like something you'd see in a medieval castle, but you can actually find both at this affordable Ontario home.

Located in the Village of Westport, this roomy church has been converted into a house, and it's a super unique place to live.

It's listed for just $324,000, which means you can live like royalty without breaking the bank.

Featuring one bedroom and one full bathroom, this place is definitely not something you see every day.

The spacious living room glows with rainbow light from the new stained glass windows.

The largest window stretches from floor to ceiling and adds to the majesty of the room.

Even the hanging light fixtures will remind you of a historic castle.

The family room has a cozy propane fireplace to snuggle up in front of on winter nights, and the home is complete with a new kitchen.

Tanya Lemcke | RE/MAX

If the house wasn't magical enough, the backyard features a hidden garden oasis for you to spend your warm days in.

Surrounded by a fence, this secluded yard has a colourful stained glass door and raised sitting area where you can soak up the sun.

Tanya Lemcke | RE/MAX

If you're looking for more castle vibes, you can move into your very own mini-palace with these adorable Ontario homes.

You can also rent a massive church with your friends on Airbnb, so you can still experience a converted home without moving into one.

Fill your life with rainbows by moving into this majestic spot!

Tanya Lemcke | RE/MAX

Converted Church Home

Price: $324,000

Address: 14 Spring St., Westport, ON

Description: This gorgeous converted church features rainbow stained glass windows and a hidden garden oasis.

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