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Ontario's Holiday Rules Explain What's 'Safer' & What's 'Riskier' To Do This Year

The provincial government has created a list of Ontario holiday rules to help people understand what they should or shouldn't do this holiday season.

The list assigns classic winter activities into "safer" and "riskier" categories, based on how likely they are to spread COVID-19.

Generally speaking, the province suggests that people refrain from any group activities indoors and spend as much time socializing while outside or virtually as possible.

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We must celebrate safely to stop the spread of COVID-19. Minister Christine Elliott

Activities like having sleepovers with friends who aren't in your household, visiting family for non-essential reasons, and attending holiday gatherings where people are eating or drinking are considered "riskier" and should be avoided, says the province.

The guidelines also say that sitting on Santa's lap is not allowed this year.

Instead, people should attend virtual holiday gatherings, hang out with friends outside (try building a snowman or going on a sleigh ride, the province says), or try drive-in and drive-through events.

On the website, Christine Elliott, Ontario's Minister of Health, urges people to follow public health guidelines and says there is a "light at the end of the tunnel" with the upcoming vaccine.

Until then, though, Ontarians should stay home when they watch Christmas movies and light their menorahs. 

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