Cue The Lord Of The Rings soundtrack, because this home for sale will make you feel like you're in a fantasy world. Tucked away amidst vast forested lands, this rustic abode boasts tons of unique surprises. You'll want to pack your bags for this Ontario house for sale. 

This might just be your new dream home. Boasting an expansive scenic property, this log house is the ultimate spot for a serene life.

Located in Palmer Rapids, Ontario, the $850,000 home is surrounded by 300 acres of sprawling fields and forests.

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The 2 bedroom log house is brimming with cozy vibes. The exposed wood walls will whisk you away to the English countryside, and you can cuddle up by the fireplace for the perfect staycation.

There are lots of windows, allowing you to enjoy the peaceful nature outside.  

One of the most unique features of the home is the staircase. 

A tree with spiral steps runs through the middle of the house, and it looks like something out of a fairytale.

Upstairs, you'll find a cozy nook with a triangle window where you can read the day away.

Outside, even more surprises await you. 

The property comes with a paved tennis court, heated workshop, shed, bunkie, and log barn.

Cathy Pitts | Re/Max

The fenced garden is blossoming with apple, pear, and apricot trees, so you can go fruit-picking in your own backyard.

There's even a 2,500 foot airstrip and hangar in case you ever wanted to jet off somewhere in your private plane.

Cathy Pitts | Re/Max

Cathy Pitts | Re/Max

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You can live out your royalty dreams at this old-English style home with its own pub.

Spend your days in a fantasy world at this cozy log home.

Cathy Pitts | Re/Max

Cozy Log Home

Price: $850,000

Address: 675 Lower Rosenthal Rd., Palmer Rapids, ON

Description: This charming log home is surrounded by forests and meadows, and has a unique tree spiral staricase.

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