For now, we keep on going. The province confirmed on Wednesday, June 24 that Ontario's state of emergency has been extended until July 15. The announcement comes on the very same day that Toronto, along with Peel Region, can finally enter stage two of the reopening plan.

Premier Doug Ford said last week that he hopes the next extension of the emergency status will be "the last" that is needed in the province.

On Wednesday, Ontario confirmed in a release that the motion to stretch the emergency until three weeks' time on July 15 has been passed.

"We are hopeful that another extension of the Declaration of Emergency will not be needed as we see improvements in the public health trends and as people and businesses continue to act responsibly and adapt to the new environment," said Ford in the release.

Extending the emergency declaration allows the provincial government to make new and tweak existing emergency orders in the province.

Such orders currently in place include the limit of 10 people for social gatherings.

The Canadian Press reports, via Global News, that numerous emergency orders are likely to continue in the province even after July 15. It suggests bans on large gatherings will be among those.

Once the July 15 date has passed, and if the emergency status is not extended again, new orders or amendments to existing ones cannot be made but old orders can continue to be enforced.

The release added that staff will continue to track public health data and advice to see whether any emergency orders currently in place can be lifted in the near future.

However, Ontario will continue to monitor whether it needs to consider extending the emergency status even further later this month.

The provincial announcement came on Wednesday, when Toronto and Peel Region finally moved into stage two, meaning that more businesses and services can finally reopen.

And while the emergency status and orders remain in place, many of the 6ix's biggest attractions are already gearing up to reopen from this week.

Outdoor patios, swimming beaches, pools, salons, and a whole host of other businesses and amenities can also now open up in the 6ix.

Meanwhile, the border region of Windsor-Essex is the only part of Ontario still in stage one of the province's framework for reopening.