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Twitter Can't Get Enough Of Siakam's Flying Face-Kick During Last Night's Game (VIDEO)

"Life in 2020 has felt like a Siakam kick in the face."
Pascal Siakam Kicked A Boston Celtic In The Face Last Night & Twitter Can't Get Enough

The Raptors' loss against the Celtics isn't the only thing making headlines on Tuesday. Pascal Siakam kicked a player during last night's game and Twitter can't get enough. The 26-year-old was even called out by his coach for not being at the top of his game. 

The Raptors faced a hefty loss against the Celtics on Monday night and Spicy P didn't seem to help.

Boston forward, Daniel Theis, caught a nasty sidekick from Siakam during a tense moment of the playoff game.

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The whole thing was clearly an accident on Pascal’s part and the players were even caught shaking hands after the moment. 

However, that doesn’t make the slow-motion footage of the incident any less embarrassing.

The humiliation didn’t stop there for the young NBA star who also caught some serious shade from the Raptors' head coach, Nick Nurse, after the game.

"I'm not sure why he's been so out of rhythm since the restart. He hasn't had a lot of great games... It's too bad because he was spectacular in last year's playoffs & he was spectacular all season long," Nurse said according to Josh Lewenberg from TSN. 

"We still have games to go. Hopefully, he can get his rhythm.”

However, it wasn't just Nurse that didn't hold back when talking about the face-kick moment. 

Tons of Twitter users also had some comebacks to the highlight of last night's game. 

"Life in 2020 has felt like a Siakam kick in the face," wrote one user. 

"The highlight of our game was Siakam kicking a dude in the face," wrote another. 

Despite the loss, it isn’t over until it’s over. The Raptors will face off against the Celtics for Game 6 on Wednesday.

The team will need to secure a victory or else they'll be heading home.

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