On Thursday, the Peel Regional Council voted on a motion to ban all domestic and international leisure flights into Toronto Pearson Airport.

The motion was proposed due to soaring case counts driven by variants of concern, like the B.1.617 variant first seen in India, and has led Canada to enforce a ban on India and Pakistan flights for the next 30 days.

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"I find it unbelievable that we have been so strict on so many points but so lackadaisical when it comes to allowing flights into our country," Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown told CP24 on Thursday.

"You know right now if you want to go to the park with your son or daughter and kick a soccer ball around that is illegal. But yet you can go to India for the weekend. It just doesn't add up," said Brown.

On Thursday, Premiers Doug Ford and François Legault penned a letter urging the federal government to "further strengthen measures at air and land borders," after Quebec recorded its first case of the B.1.617 variant.