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Doug Ford Is Asking You To Snitch On Your Neighbours If You Hear Them Partying (VIDEO)

He wants police to shut them down.
Toronto Staff Writer

Ontarians are being caught partying, and Premier Doug Ford is laying down "the hammer."

In a press conference on Tuesday, the premier doubled down on his dad skills by telling people to stop partying or gathering in large groups.

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I encourage the neighbours if you hear the big parties [...] call the police. 

Doug Ford

"I told the police, go in there and lay charges. It's very simple, we need to start putting the hammer down on people who don't follow protocols and guidelines," Ford stated. 

"The young people are resilient, they think no problem. But how about old guys like me? [...] I got to get it through to everyone one way or another."

The move comes after Ontario announced that they would be halting the reopening plan for a month due to a rise in COVID-19 cases. 

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