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The Raptors Were Still Hyping Each Other Up Post-Game Even After Getting Eliminated

There was lots of love and advice for Siakam.
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Raptors Game Ended With An Elimination But The Players Were Still Hyping Each Other Up

There's still lots of love to go around. Despite the Raptors game ending in a loss and elimination from the NBA playoffs, the players were hyping each other up post-game. Even the coach had good things to say about his team.

After forcing Game 7, the Raptors didn't manage to make it to the next round of the playoffs.

They lost by a score of 92-87 to the Boston Celtics.

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Pascal Siakam, who has been criticized for committing turnovers, missing shots, and not playing like he usually does, said that he takes a lot of the blame for the loss.

During the team's post-game interviews, Kyle Lowry had kind words for the young player.

"I think this is a learning experience," he said. "I would not be surprised to see him come back even hungrier and destroying people."

He also told Spicy P to take what people say about his performance and use it as fuel.

"It's only going to make him a better basketball player, a better man, a better everything," Lowry said.

Marc Gasol called it a learning process for Siakam as well.

However, he wants his teammate to stay positive and constructive about what happened.

"Only good things can come out of that," he said.

Gasol also spoke about the team's effort in the game and the series.

"We battled back," he said.

Similarly, Serge Ibaka said that the Raptors gave everything they had.

Coach Nick Nurse paid his players compliments during his post-game interview.

"We should all be really proud of them," he said.

He echoed Gasol's and Ibaka's sentiments about the team giving everything they had regardless of if they win or lose.

"I think they do it at an extraordinary level," he said. "It's an extraordinary level of commitment and desire and fight that they bring."

With the Raptors eliminated from the playoffs, they're officially allowed to leave the bubble.

Lowry had the most wholesome reaction to being able to go home.

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