Kyle Lowry Has The Most Wholesome Reaction To The Raptors Leaving The NBA Bubble (VIDEO)

"It's time to leave this motherf**ker!"
Kyle Lowry Has The Most Wholesome Reaction To The Raptors Leaving The NBA Bubble (VIDEO)

There's always a silver lining. Toronto has been eliminated from the playoffs but that means the Raptors can leave the NBA bubble after several months down in Florida. One of the team's top players had the best reaction about going home. 

After losing game seven to the Boston Celtics on September 11, Kyle Lowry sat down with the media and fielded a couple of questions about leaving the bubble and going home. 

His answers were so wholesome and relatable. The first thing on his mind was his kids

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"I get to go see my babies man," the point guard said. "I've been going damn near three months without seeing my kids." 

He did suggest it was bittersweet though. 

"I don't wanna be going home, I really don't. And I know my kids don't want me to be home because they want daddy to win another championship but I get to go see my babies man," Lowry said. 

While players were recently allowed to have their families come into the bubble, leading to some super touching reunions, Lowry chose not to have his kids join him in Florida. 

In his post-game, he weighed in on the whole bubble experience as well. 

"It was challenging. It was well put together. The NBA and the teams and the players did a hell of a job sacrificing," Lowry said. 

He went on to highlight how the Raptors and the other teams were able to use the bubble to bring attention to major issues like racial injustice and the upcoming U.S. election.

Of course, the Raptor star couldn't say goodbye to the bubble without some choice words. 

"It's time to leave this motherf**ker" Lowry noted. 

With Toronto eliminated, the Boston Celtics now advance to face off against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals.