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Raptors' Kyle Lowry's Reaction To Last Night's Anthem Is Becoming A Twitter Meme

The 6ix's favourite team won large last night, but it's not the only thing that people are talking about. The Raptors' Kyle Lowry had the most hilarious reaction to the national anthem after a long note. Since then, it has already become a meme. 

The Raps might've pulled off another sweep last night, but it's KLow's reaction to the national anthem that's making waves online.

NBA fans flooded to social media on Sunday to highlight the 34-year-old's cringing face, which he made during the long note of the American anthem. 

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In the video, Lowry can be seen having a hilariously tough time dealing with the blaring squeak of the saxophone.

The Raptors veteran grits his teeth and smiles as a long note rings out. 

Of course, it didn’t take long for Twitter to start blowing up with reactions to the moment.

Fans couldn’t get enough of his blunder with many of them praising the player for keeping it real during the moment. 

“Give me Kyle Lowry reacting to holding a note on a saxophone any day of the week,” wrote one fan.

“Kyle Lowry’s face on that held saxophone note is CLASSIC,” added another.

However, this isn't the only time that Lowry has made headlines for his hilarious actions during game time. 

Last week, the star became the talk of Twitter after he was recorded aggressively slapping the butt of a team staff member.  

He was caught smiling at the camera, showing that his actions were all fun and games. 

Sadly, despite the record-breaking wins and hilarious actions, the night ended on a sour note for Lowry, who walked off the court with a sprained left ankle.

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