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Twitter Can't Get Enough Of Kyle Lowry's Aggressive Butt Slap After Game 2

"Lowry with the flagrant a** slap." 😂
Twitter Can't Get Enough Of Kyle Lowry's Aggressive Butt Slap After Game 2

After their Game 2 win against the Brooklyn Nets, Raptor Kyle Lowry was clearly on a high. After a slow start, the team managed to make a stellar comeback, beating the Nets 104-99. It was a rollercoaster ride of a game, and it seems like Lowry got carried away in the heat of the moment. 

On his way back to the change room, the player couldn't contain his excitement any longer.

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As he was passing a team staff member in the tunnel, he wound up and slapped his behind, and not gently. Barstool Sports reports that Lowry's unsuspecting victim was the team's equipment manager. 

Lowry flashed a big grin at the camera, showing that it was all in good fun. With his mask on, it's unclear if the staff member was smiling during the encounter.

The clip was posted by several people on social media, including the Raptors themselves, and users were quick to share it far and wide.

One user even praised him for his form and technique, rating the slap a 10/10.

"1. Locked eyes on his target 2. Winded up 3. Made contact and followed through 4. Recipient visibly is rattled 5. Walked away and gave a big smile," read the tweet.

Based on the reactions, people were shocked, amused, and downright impressed.

Lowry's been fired up since the start of Game 1 when the team surprised him by having his kids announce his name in an adorable video.

The player was touched, saying that he "wanted to cry tears of joy" after seeing their faces. 

Raptor Terence Davis agreed that it made an impact on his teammate. "I know that really juiced up K-Low," he said to The Athletic. "He was so excited to see his two sons introduce him."

Lowry has been an unstoppable force throughout the team's Orlando journey. He's letting the world know to watch their backs around him — literally.

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