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Pizza Hut Responds To Scarborough Employee's Unsanitary Food Handling (VIDEO)

The chain completed an internal investigation.

A video of a Scarborough Pizza Hut employee ignoring proper sanitary practices has made its way online. In the clip, a worker can be seen scooping cheese into a tray without gloves on.

The video, which gained traction earlier this week, was originally posted on May 25 by a woman named Corina Summers. 

The post claims the incident took place at Parkway Mall near Victoria Park and Ellesmere. According to the Toronto Sun, Pizza Hut took swift action.

"We addressed the infraction with the location immediately," the chain said to the Sun.

"Since then, we completed an internal investigation, addressed the issue with relevant staff members, and as a precautionary measure, temporarily closed the restaurant for additional sanitization."