It's so important to feel good inside your home, but maximizing your space can be challenging if you live in a bachelor pad downtown.

Thankfully, there are small apartment design hacks that can make your place feel more spacious, bright, and vibrant. 

Narcity spoke with the principal designer and owner of Toronto Interior Designer Group, Yanic Simard, who shared his best tips, tricks, and secrets to transform your small space.

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How Do I Make My Room Look Bigger?

"There is nothing wrong with small rooms," says Simard. "They provide a sense of security and comfort." It's just a matter of how well you use the space you have.

"Use mirrors for reflection and install on the opposite wall from where the door is," says Simard. This way, when you look into the room, you see an additional reflection and the room appears larger.

Another hack to making your small apartment look bigger is to use curtains. And not just covering the windows, either. If your curtains cover wall-to-wall, or floor-to-ceiling, it will "create the appearance of larger windows," says Simard.

How Should I Design My Room?

"'Feel-good' is what it’s about, especially these days," says Simard.

"Paint walls and ceilings in the same colour. Maintain the visual aesthetic, whether you go light or bold for a seamless look," he says.

Play with your lighting, the designer recommends.

"Different layers of lighting will create [different] moods. Mix striking ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lights, and don’t forget candles, which provide an ambiance electric lighting simply cannot provide," says Simard.

You can also "use area rugs to cover most of the floor space for coziness. This should be a plush and stunning piece that feels like artwork and a warm hug," he says.

Small Apartment Design Hacks Valerie Wilcox | Toronto Interior Design Group

Design Tips And Tricks To Make My Apartment Beautiful

There are so many things you can do to elevate your small space. "Don’t forget the wow effect!" says Simard, "Think plaster ceiling medallions, exquisite door hardware/knobs…"

He also recommends a finishing touch of aromas and suggests adding a diffuser as a final touch.

"Small rooms are wonderful as you can experiment design-wise and do it right."

However, it's not all about design, either. It's essential to have enough storage to minimize clutter in a small space.

"Make it practical! Think of sofa beds, multi-functional pieces that also offer storage, etc," says Simard.