Someone Spotted A City Of Toronto Development Sign For An 'Extra CN Tower' & It's So Sassy

"Resistance is futile, as per usual."

A fake City of Toronto notice for contruction of another CN Tower. Right: Toronto City Hall.

A fake City of Toronto notice for contruction of another CN Tower. Right: Toronto City Hall.

A fake City of Toronto construction sign for a second CN Tower is getting plenty of attention and even more laughs on the Toronto Reddit page.

First spotted in Liberty Village, the sign pokes all kinds of fun at people's perceptions of City of Toronto development proposals and the process itself, particularly focusing on how the city handles any negative feedback about a proposed project.

"A change is proposed for this site," reads the big notice, which until you get close enough, looks just like any other construction sign around Toronto. "As part of its planned 2023 redesign, The City is planning to add a whole extra CN Tower to this sorry dump."

"Construction will soon begin and likely commence by the time you finish reading this sentence," the sign reads.

The phoney sign also refers to the development as "very big," and "444 floors," or "1.5km" high, which is between three and four times the height of the actual CN Tower.

"Sign added to this area that has been fenced off for potential construction for over 6 years," wrote Chalmy11, who originally posted the thread.

The comments were filled with people pointing out the various sassy and downright hilarious parts of the sign that you just keep finding the longer you look at it.

Generally, people have the chance to voice their displeasure with a proposed development either at a public consultation meeting or by contacting the city, but in this case, it's no use.

"I think it's extra funny because at a glance everything looks normal," u/Erathen wrote in another comment in this thread.

Even down to the fine print of this sign, people noticed "LOL" that was written into the file number.

The sign also features a random "games section" with a maze and offers a "free trip up the new tower," to anyone who completes it.

Plenty of people also chimed in with comments to appreciate this work of comedic art which clearly gave them a much-needed laugh at the city's expense.

Stuart McGinn
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