A Woman Refused To Wear Mask At A Toronto Hospital & Was Reportedly Escorted Out (VIDEO)

"Translation- I don't care about you or anyone else."
St. Joseph's Hospital Video Goes Viral After Woman Refuses To Wear A Mask
Ontario Editor

A tense interaction between a woman and hospital staff is going viral after it was posted to Twitter July 4. In the video, the woman is claiming that she was refused service at St. Joseph's Hospital because she wasn't wearing a mask. Since then, many Toronto officials have spoken out about the issue. 

Letitia Montana, who posted the video to Twitter, claims that she went to the emergency department for a "suspected broken finger."

When she was asked to put on a mask, she refused which reportedly led to her being escorted out of the hospital by three security guards. 

"You're asking me to wear a mask otherwise you're going to deny me service?" asks the woman behind the camera. 

"Yes, we're asking you to wear a mask," one of the staff calmly replied back. 

When Montana asks who has put the policy in place, the staff respond, "The Ministry of Health."

The video cuts off before she is reportedly escorted out of the building. 

Since posted, the video has been viewed over 4.5 million times and has gained the attention of many political figures. 

Brad Ross, the Chief Communication Officer for the City of Toronto, shared his distaste of the now-viral video. 

"Put the camera away and don a mask inside public places, *especially* hospitals. Doing so protects others - you know, your fellow humans."

While City Councillor, Michael Ford, stated, "Translation- I don't care about you or anyone else but you better care about me." 

In a statement sent to Narcity, Unity Health Toronto stated that, "at St. Joseph’s Health Centre we work to ensure all patients receive the best possible care. Masks must be worn by everyone in our hospital in order to keep patients, staff and visitors safe. This policy follows guidelines set out by Ontario’s Ministry of Health based on our best scientific understanding of COVID-19 and how it spreads."*

According to the Unity Health Toronto website, these masks will be provided to you once entering the building. 

Starting July 7, face coverings or non-medical masks will be mandatory for any public indoor space in Toronto. 

They have also become mandatory for all TTC riders. 

*This article has been updated. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor