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Students Can Get A Whole Pizza For Free In Toronto This Week & Here's How

You don't need to stand in line anywhere!

People sharing a pizza. Right: Frosh week at York University.

People sharing a pizza. Right: Frosh week at York University.

Associate Editor

One of the perks of being a student is getting a whole bunch of meals without paying a single cent. You can do this by attending socials, events hosted by your professor or even just by being a straight-up post-secondary student.

For those just starting your first year at a university or college, you better keep your eyes peeled on any opportunity you may get to eat things for free.

This week's student deal doesn't require you to speak to anyone or stand in line, which is a big perk!

"As college and university students in Toronto head back-to-school, Goodfood is encouraging them to be a Good Roommate with the classic college staple - FREE pizza," Goodfood stated in a release sent to Narcity.

Goodfood, an online food delivery service, is offering post-secondary students free pizza starting from August 30, and it's only available this week or until supplies last. So, hurry and get your free goods ASAP!

"Goodfood is giving the gift of being a Good Roommate by helping students start the year on a GOOD (and cheesy!) note by giving their roommate a frozen pizza while enjoying one too."

If you were wondering how you and your roommate in downtown Toronto can score free pizza, here's how:

  1. "Downloading the Goodfood app
  2. Create an account
  3. Search "frozen pizza" in the search bar and add any two Goodfood labelled pizzas to their cart
  4. Use code "GOODPIZZA" at checkout to receive their order for free!"
You can choose a basic Margarita or pepperoni pizza but you can also get some special ones that include a "Garden Vegetables & Feta Cheese" or a "Meat Fest" pizza.

Enjoy bonding in the best way possible — eating free food!

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